Essence and

all trees have deep roots

We recognise the essence of the sacred light and its relation to the divinity properties (in the upper side) and the fire and its relation to the nature of the microcosmos (at the lower part).

The process of purification of the soul is represented by an invisible ladder which is the instrument that allows the climb. 

The circles of energy interpenetrate between themselves and all emanate from the same source. The source is a chaotic mass which is excited by the sacred fire and resulting into a Big Bag, separating the elements of the matter to reorganise them in a new mystical order. That is the first sphere, the reality of the Chaos is the living matter that holds the inexperienced soul in its crudest state.  The maturation of the Body drives the soul trough unexplored ways, finding temptation and corruption. These conditioners affect the journey of the soul and its transcendency. Sometimes, this first stage in eternal organisation is also called the Abyss since the light didn’t reach its core in its most pure form. However, it marks the direction if we are able to see it.

“The Tree of the Soul” - Works of J. Behmen - Law Edition by D.A. Freher, (1764)
“Third Principle” - All Theosophical Wrritings - by Jacob Boheme, 1682

The Tree in the middle has its roots in the dark world, so it needs the fertile soil (which the matter of the man) to grow up. Its branches spread into the next spheres. The leaves that receive the light will develop themselves and the ones in the shadow might never find its splendor.

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” Carl Jung

In the second stage we combine two spheres. They are two paths of the soul, the lighter and the darker. The lighter is the rejection of earthly seduction, illuminated by the light of Eternity. The dark part is obstinacy and attachment to the nature of the matter. 

Both ways are subjected to purification to reach the final stage of enlightenment. The process of purification (or distillation) is represented by the complex device which is located right before the final light. 

Consequently, the wings around the spheres suggest the transcendent, which is an elevated knowledge of the supreme truth.

At the last circle in the top we achieve the perfection of the Soul. From all the layers of this divine ascendance, the soul finds the absolute shape at this point. The cosmic balance is the final prize for those who seek for the greatness of the spiritual self. 

“Emblema XVII” - Atalanta Fugiens, Hoc Est, Emblema Nova de Secrets Naturae Chymica- by Michael Maier, 1618.
“Frontispiece” - The Forty Questions of the Soul - By Jacob Boehme, 1730
“The Winged Sphere” - Arithmologia - by Athanasius Kircher, 1665.
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