• 322


    Skull and Bones (secret society).

  • 33/5


     6.6 related to the material world, the dot/coma separates what you own and what you desire to own.

  • Aqua Vitae

    “Aqua Vitae”

    or aqua vita is an archaic name for a concentrated aqueous solution of ethanol. (alchemy).

  • Caelum


    Heaven. (alchemy /theology).

  • Coniunctio Sive Coitus

    “Coniunctio Sive Coitus”

    Sexual intercourse – mixing of the elements (alchemy).

  • Cras



  • Credo Quia Absurdum

    “Credo Quia Absurdum”

    I believe because it is absurdum/ impossible / irrational. (Philosophy / Theology).

  • Decimatertia Quinti Libri Figura

    “Decimatertia Quinti Libri Figura”

    The thirteenth Fifth Book Figure (anatomy).

  • Deus



  • Empyreum


    Empyrean; Empiric; Empire; Heaven. (alchemy/ theology).

  • Grand Elixir

    “Grand Elixir”

    Elixir of eternal life; Vaccine for Death. (alchemy).

  • Heri




    “IC XC NIKA”

    Ihcoyc Xpictoc Nika – Jesus Christ Conquers. (Nika/Nike is also a goddess of victory) (theology).

  • ille novem musis septenas iunxerat artes

    “Ille novem musis septenas iunxerat artes”

    He joined the nine muses and the seven arts.

  • KFJ3691


    J.F.K. 1963 – November 22, 1963: Death of the President John F. Kennedy. (history).

  • Mors in Olla

    “Mors in Olla”

    Death in the Pot (alchemy).

  • NEC Tu Midi Nec Ego Tibi

    “Nec Tu Midi Nec Ego Tibi”

    Neither you or I have. (alchemy).

  • Nudam Bilis Vesiculae Eiusdemque

    “Nudam Bilis Vesiculae Eiusdemque”

    (Same) naked Bile Vesicles. (anatomy)

  • Per Verbum

    “Per Verbum”

    By the Word. (alchemy).

  • Prima XII Capitis Figura

    “Prima XII Capitis Figura”

    First XII Figure/Representation of Head. (anatomy).

  • putre factio

    “Putre Factio

    putrefaction; the process of decay or rotting in a body or other organic matter (alchemy).

  • quas studio parili docta viena colit

    “Quas studio parili docta viena colit”

    cultivates a similar study, which trained Viena.

  • Scrutamini Scripturas

    Scrutamini Scripturas”

    Let us look at the scriptures (alchemy/ theology).

  • Symmetriae



  • Tatis


    farm (Theology/ alchemy).

  • The Bird of Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.

    The Bird of Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.”

    from Ripley Scroll,  George Ripley 15th century (alchemy).

  • Triangle of Solomon (Lesser Key of Solomon):

    Triangle of Solomon (Lesser Key of Solomon):

    In a few grimoires Anaphenaton and its derivatives are specifically referenced as God names.

    is a powerful name of God, and one used by Moses for his deeds.

    it is one of the names of God used in the Hebrew Bible.


    “ΦΕΡΕ ΚΑΙ ΦΕΡΟΥ (Fere Kai Ferou)”

    from Cramer Emblemata Sacra XXXII. (alchemy). Expression taken from Greek poetry fourth- eight Century; written by Palladas of Alexandria.

  • Сынъ Божіи

    “Сынъ Божіи”

    Son of God. (theology/ orthodox).