About Us

About us

Credo quia Absurdum

“I believe because it is absurd / impossible / irrational.”

Five years ago i met Ana Fragateiro, we were working together in the battlefield of a decoration store, i didn’t like that place, i felt so useless and replaceable. I was an underground artist struggling for exhibitions. I didn’t sell that much but i do not blame people, honestly, who wants a huge piece of meat in the living room? I started studying deeper the medieval iconography, it was so enjoyable… i discovered secrets behind the art, occult messages, etc. I became very curious about the Alchemy, the Classic Mythology and Christian symbolism and found so many other cultures based on paganism. That changed drastically my perspective about the modern world, i knew their bases.

We start to date, and for my surprise she was expert in mysticism, astrology and divination arts and we decide to start our own tarot deck. For half an year we studied and found parallelisms between the most important tarots in history, such as the Visconti Sforza deck, Marseille, the Aleister Crowley’s tarot of Thoth, Rider Waite-Smith tarot and others. A study like that generates countless material, i can see from here the number of books we have related to that, its absurd, seriously.

With all that information we decided to make our own designs with some strong imagery based in old engraving style from alchemy or medical/anatomical plates, something solid with concept, a story behind, something you can talk about. We started with limited prints but then we changed the supports to t-shirts and totebags, optimising the drawings. Ana is a great designer, she has good ideas of presentation and product development, she works a lot for this, much more than me, i am just the lazy artist, i confess. Lets say maybe she’s the brain and i am the heart of Credo Quia Absurdum.

Anyway, every single design we produce is a result of enormous searching and created specifically for t-shirt and tote bag context and for that reason we select the most comfortable materials and the best silkscreen printing.Everything is produced and sent from Portugal, where we live, in our modest apartment with sight over Lisbon and two lovely cats- also our quality testers.

We are very happy to share with you this universe, sometimes dark, sometimes brutal but always human.

Good Evening.

Tiago Pimentel. 2016.

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