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Imitation of Christ

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Imitation of Christ
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The main idea for this design was inspired in a book called “De Imitatione Christi” (c. 1418–1427) by Thomas Von Kempen and explains how to follow the steps of Jesus Christ -“Whoever follows Me will not walk into darkness”- renouncing to earthly temptations and vanities.  Moralistic along its four chapters (what do you expect?).

Later we saw for the first time the rituals of Semana Santa (Holy week) in Mexico, we get shocked, its hardcore stuff. But somehow it resembled that Von Kempen’s book, the Imitation of Christ taken to a different level!

The Crucifixion was always our favourite theme in art, its impressive the way artists portrayed the suffering and humiliation of that man. But we needed something different, something a little far from the traditional depiction. 

Then we remembered the crucified monkey from “Closer” video by Nine Inch Nails, we watched it again and we got some ideas, Tiago painted some hanging beef before and we believed that was the direction to take… 

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