Crucified Horus


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Crucified Horus
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Before we start explaining this design there’s something we must clarify: Horus was not crucified. Unlike the theories around the internet and some documentaries.That’s not the truth, we checked. The confusion is probably connected to their main symbols, Christ is linked to the roman cross while Horus is linked to the Ankh cross. But there are other similarities, both are sons of God; both were born from a virgin; Horus had twelve followers, Christ had twelve disciples; both are the morning star; they are both part of the divine trinity Father/Son/Holy Spirit and dozens of other resemblances.

Talking about the life and miraculous works of Jesus, we’d love to introduce you to a endless list of deities with the same stories as this nazarene guy. From Adonis to Buddha, Prometheus, Zoroaster, Mithra or even Thor- the list is vast, so, as you see, these people were not very original. Amongst all of those gods we choose Horus because we wanted to work with some Egyptian style.

Even known the crucifixion of Horus was not part of the mythology, we decided to keep the idea, it seem pretty cool to us. We didn’t show the shape of the cross where he’s “nailed”, transforming it into a crucifixion in space (according to the pictures and descriptions of Godfrey Higgins in Anacalypsis, 1836). For the background shape, we tried to give the appearance of the ankh cross, an wide upper side, like the skies and universe, a middle and solid stem to define the earthly life and an horizontal division that separate the mortal life and the eternity…

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