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Date : 2021

“Mankind will discover objects in space sent to us by the watchers.” – Nostradamus prophecy.

Most of you probably hear about Giorgio Tsoukalos, a very famous ufologist known for his TV show “Ancient Aliens”. The show’s scientific accuracy may be questionable but still, there are interesting studies involving ancient cultures or civilizations and their cults of the sky.

One particular chapter drew our attention: It started explaining a phenomenon usually called “Cargo Cult” involving the people of a small pacific island called Tanna.

It happened one day during the World War II,  an American soldier arrived on the island. The man, called John Frum (no one knows if the name was real) told the villagers he came to save them from the missionaries and colonial officials, encouraging the tribal leaders to reject the European culture being imposed upon them.

The American serviceman promised shiploads of cargo for those islanders who listened to his words and his followers rid themselves of their money and left the missionary churches or schools, moving inland to participate in traditional feasts, dances and rituals.

Years later, the American troops swarmed onto the island from the seas and skies and they brought with them an enormous amount of supplies. Manufactured clothing, medicine, canned food, tents, weapons and other goods arrived in vast quantities for the soldiers, who often shared some of it with the islanders who were their guides and hosts. John Frum’s prophecy had proved true and he received the status of a messiah. 

Cranial example from “Anatomie des Menschen: ein Lehrbuch für Studierende und Ärzte”- Hermann Braus, 1921.
“Fetus with naturally elongated head” from "Antigüedades peruanas”- Rivero and Tschudi, 1851.
“Mummies of the ancient Aymaras" from “Historia de la conquista del Perú” - Guillermo H. Prescott, 1851.
“methods that were used by Maya peoples to shape a child's head” - Museo Regional de Antropología in Mérida (state of Yucatán)

As the troops abandoned the island, the villagers start to copy their benefactors by building aircrafts made of wood and bamboo just like the American WW2 ones. 

The elders wear American military uniforms jangling with medals, the rest paint ‘USA’ in red paint on their bare chests. They hold rifles made of bamboo and march around a rickety pole in military formation before raising the American flag.

The ceremony reaches the religious threshold, being dedicated to John Frum as their prophetic saviour. 

This introduction served to explain how ancient societies imitated their gods’ practices and physiology as a honourable gesture. 

The main figure at the design, by instance, was inspired by Artificial cranial deformations. This kind of body modifications is common to different cultures widely separated geographically and chronologically. 

A person with an elongated head is thought to have a higher status, being more intelligent and closer to the world of the gods. We are totally free to imagine these deformed gods as the celestial astronauts who once visited the Earth and influenced these cultures, just like the American soldiers influenced the Tannese people –  “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

The references to polydactyly in the hands (at the right side of the design) are inspired by some ancient cultures who treated people with extra fingers as superior beings. Did you know Hannibal Lecter in the original novel “Silent of the Lambs” had also an extra digit in the hand? Nowadays they are surgically removed at very young age but looks like Hannibal never did it.

For the rest of design we displayed contemporary references to alien theories and mysterious technology. We can see a lot of influences from Alien abduction reports mixed with absurd medical experiences and flying saucers. That’s the way we imagine the interior of a spaceship – a cold amalgam of medical technology and organic architecture. These images are exposed as fragments of memory or flashbacks just like the descriptions of the people who were abducted by “aliens”.

Well, we just described alien saucers as “fancy slaughterhouses” but we’re actually very attracted to stories of extraterrestrial encounters. Could listen to then the whole day and watching alien movies the whole night. 

“There’s a UFO over New York and I ain’t too surprised” – “Nobody Told Me” by John Lennon. 

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“Statue Head of a Daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten”, Egypt, 18th Dynasty.
Wall painting from El-Amarana, showing Two daughters of Amenophis IV: Nofernoferuaton and Nofernoferure., ca 1360 BC
Two different statues of Shri Simandhar , an enlightened man in Jain mythology who is believed to be residing on another planet.
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