Autumn of an Empire


nature’s prepotence

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Autumn of an Empire
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of an Empire


Reading this one, you probably notice how Nature and cycles are important to us. We can’t count the number of design related to this topics we’ve made so far… 

So, this one – Autumn (the Fall) of an Empire (something Great with strong foundations) remember us the wheel of Fortune. That cyclic force compels the motion of life and time where nothing remains the same. Everything has its moments and nothing is permanent. Bigger or smaller we are all part of this hurricane whose purposes are indecipherable. 

The main figure on the design represents an human head fused with plants. The flora, clearly dominates the old mass,  as a king replaces the other but now both decompose together.

The Autumn rains (Water) dissolve the remains of this amalgam in a way that resembles the alchemical operation – Nigredo.

This introductory step of the Great Opera manipulates the water in order to create the putrefaction of the matter. This stage is often related to the black phase or depression but is also an important step to the process of self- understanding.

The Hybris at the bottom represents the Pride and illusion of power, typical human and also ephemeral.
This head as a trophy is not a symbol of our superiority but to remember how tiny and insignificant we are.

If you ever read Les Chants de Maldoror you probably find some visual references here. 

“A man, a stone, or a tree is going to begin this fourth song (…)I am filthy. (…)an enormous, mushroom with umbelliferous stalks is growing on my

nape, as on a dunghill. (…) My feet have taken root in the ground; up to my belly, they form a sort of tenacious vegetation, full of filthy parasites; this vegetation no longer has anything in common with other plants, nor is it flesh. And yet my heart beats. “

We also need to refer how the Swamp Thing comics inspired us in this particular work. The green elemental and the vegetal-human amalgam is a common thematic on our visual mythology and I think we own a lot to this comic series.

“(…) Those plants eat him. They eat him as if he were a planarian worm, or a cannibal wise man, or a genius on rye! They eat him…and they become infected by a powerful consciousness that does not realize it is no longer alive!” – Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing #21

”La Calavera Catrina”- José Guadalupe Posada, 1913
“Vanitas still life”-North Italian School, XVII Century
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