Three Cycles

Life is like a cycle. It makes us question all decisions, mistakes, all the bad and good things that happened. There is a natural beauty behind the idea of dying and rebirth. That is why, we have so much designs about this.

There are three designs that are entirely connected to this concept, Dying God and Rebirth, Adonis Rebuilt and Primavera.
To the Buddhists, this is like a circular view. Birth is a new beginning, followed by death, which leads again to new creation, a new birth. So there is a connection between the end of something and a new arising, there is no break in between.

“Dying God and Rebirth” is considered a physical transfiguration, God made flesh.
This operation starts a cycle in backwards when the spirit (gas) transits to matter (solid) through a process called deposition. In Alchemy all matter (or physical propriety) is represented by the element of Salt.
The white color of the element is associated with its neutral nature and passive resistance. Such proprieties are reflected into a newborn, mentally chaste in experience and perception as a Tabula Rasa.

“Salt arises from the purest sources, the sun and the sea” – Pythagoras.

With the season of “Primavera” we notice a drastic change in Nature’s overall aspects, including the physical, mental and spiritual spheres.
The putrid bodies, buried and decomposed by the previews seasons represent the dark and depressive periods of the human spirit. Interrupted by the lack of faith and perspective blindness. The matter is involved by a dark cocoon while it waits for a metaphysical inspiration.
Spring will come, with time, and once more and the revelation comes as the morning dawn.
The spirit will rise, like a growing seed searching for sunlight. “Primavera” is a sequential evolution of this Nature’s mechanism, the symbolic epiphany of the human essence.

Mercury is the plasticity of the psyche and the completes the Nature as a whole.
We explain the greyish tone of Mercury as an exaltation of its silvery appearance. The metal named silver is the main element of Luna, the eternal foe of Mercury – in planetary opposition. Their contradictory proximity reflects the properties like a mirror.

“Adonis Rebuilt” is the celebration of a self germination and shapes flesh on older bones. An unfamiliar temple built on ancient structures, with darker influences on grief and despair.  We show the character arise from the death/underworld (reign of Persephone) and his body is reborn as a tree and flowers (Aphrodite).

Sulphur as color black is strongly associated to the blackness of the Underground, where sulphur is raised.
The Underworld (or Hades) is usually described as a place of eternal darkness, holding the souls of the diseased.

This element is also a burning flame of the soul and inspires the internal development.
To achieve the light, the flame of the soul has to combine all the experiences from physical to astral levels.
Adonis after spending 4 months in the underworld with Persephone and 4 months with Aphrodite, realised with whom he wanted to be.
With every single experience you had, you will find the way to understand and discover what you are and what you want – like when we sum of all pigments we obtain black.

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