Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

With the opening of the first seal, the first horseman arrives. In the Bible he is described as


There is a common meaning related to the white horse in different mythologies, the Sun, symbol of hope and salvation. The vehicle of the first horseman, however, has a darker purpose and exalts the subjugation of the people on Earth. His master’s bow stabs the innocent as a machine-gun and his hunger for power is out of control.

The Horseman of Conquest brings massacre and slavery under the mask of benevolence. It hides a devious irradiation from its words. Such ruin and disorder opens the way to the next horseman.

As the second seal opens,

War emerges, riding a red horse.

The red horseman is blazing fire and has the blood of Mars on his veins. He is the bringer of chaos and destruction through the sharpness of his blade. On our vision he is the light from a deadly Sun, the Violence allowed and the atomic bomb.

The Horseman of War shines like a dying star, stepping on the world with his metal feet. The onslaught left behind is the perfect environment to the following horseman.

The third seal is broken and a new horseman is set free. The darkest of the horses walks as a timepiece ticking. There is a clack on every step as it was a rusty device. A frail rider speaks of silver and gold. He speaks about product overpriced.

Famine is his name and there’s a dearth on his track.

The horseman is the judge, he lifts his scales, but no justice is made. The rich get richer and poor starve and puke. The misery attracts the last horseman like flies to a corpse.

When the last horseman is awakening, the Hades itself is his veil.

The greenish pale horse is a running rot and brings decease and decay where it goes. Its master held eternities for this moment like a sleeping god with dreams of murder.


by his name, will scythe the remaining men. Mercy is denied. All living creatures are about to be extinguished.

Then he can sleep again. 

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