The Seven Stages of Alchemy

The alchemist supports the goal of reaching the enlightenment in seven distinct processes. 

As the great work initiates, we watch a considerable mutation on the elements from their original state. Although, the evolution is far beyond the earthly metallurgy. The metaphor behind the altered matter and planetary influence, affect both spirit, psyche and body.  For many authors, to follow the steps as a scientist may lead us to frustration and disappointment. That idea underlines the fact that the journey could be purely spiritual.


The process of calcination is the beginning stage in alchemy.  To calcine something is to burn it until it’s reduced to ashes. 
This is the false identity or poisoning ego that fights desperately for its survival. Is crucial to remove it from our inner selves. That way we will step up into a new level of spirituality.
To be free from the impurities of an inflated pride, let a new self be purified, to achieve the maturity of the soul.


This kind of operation demands a cycle of meditation, which is crucial for a successful dilution of the parts into a fluid condition.
“The consequence of true meditation is an accurate perception that all things within us and in creation are fundamentally of the same primal substance.”
The operation occurs in the interior to opening-up our energy channels, recharging every single cell.


This stage is defined by the division of thoughts and emotions acquired by the dissolution. The separation of the elements allows us to observe them more clearly. Their true nature and shape are finally exposed to us. Such manifestation dissipates the fog of ignorance and obstinacy. The door of self-improvement lets the light of dawn in. 

This process aware us about our authentic feelings. The violence of reality might find us off guard, but this could be the only true way to move forward. The light may hurt our eyes at first, but will soon reveal our paths.


The separated elements demand a new combination to find the balance. The male and female principles are significant for every human being and its physical and spiritual lucidity.
The conjunction provides a bed for the royal marriage between the Sun (the male) and the Moon (the female) which is the improvement and evolution of the spiritual self in its search for perfection.


The stage of Fermentation is also a metaphor for pregnancy and fecundation.  Like an inspiration from above that reanimates and enlightens the soul.
This is a two-part process. Firstly the “Putrefaction” takes the father and the mother. Matter is allowed to breakdown and decompose. They die so the child can be born, their bodies will be the fertiliser for the seed. As we experience this phase our consciousness confronts the darker side.
In the second part the conjunction child  is born. The forces of the spirit Above are merged with the matter below.  


Distillation is the process of boiling the elixirs to increase purity. 

“In Distillation many bitter, sharp, and acrid things become very sweet, like honey, sugar, or manna ; and, on the other hand, many sweet things, such as honey, sugar, or manna(…)” Paracelsus
The final purge before the enlightenment happens in this stage. There are no impurities left, the environment for a spiritual apotheosis is attained. 


The perfect substance is found. In the most physical way, we observe a fluid state change into a thickened mass. This process is a metaphor for the elevated self.
The maturity is  finally achieved and the body, spirit and soul find the perfect balance between themselves. We will become truly free from the mind and our consciousness is able to connect spirit and soul in perfect harmony. We watch the rebirth of a beautiful new being.

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