The Secret Fire


the light is brighter at the darkest core

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The Secret Fire
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The Secret Fire


“You are excrement. You can change yourself into gold.”

Holy Mountain, Alejandro Jodorowsky

In the many references to fire in the alchemical texts we can find the most spiritual and purest – the Secret Fire. This refined heat allow you to change yourself from within. The same way that ordinary metals transmute into gold. With this process we are guided into the deepest part of ourselves, in order to get rid of the corruption responsible for our stagnation.

This sacred element could be associated to Prometheus, the deity who stole the fire (secret) from the Gods and gave it to humans. The Fire was life, true knowledge and understanding.

You should start looking in yourself, digging deeper. Facing memories and desires, confronting our shadow-self, understand who YOU really are. This journey is hard, depressive like an odyssey through the Underworld, defying demons with masks of yourself. What we find there could shock us and drag us to the abyss.

Within us we find our Sol Niger, the dark shadowy aspect of the consciousness.

For some of us, the searching of our true selves could take a lifetime but not everyone finds it. Anyway, if we really meet our “Core” and accept it the way it is; we have great chances to change the world around us. To convert the “ordinary metals” into ”Gold”.

Our interpretation of the secret Fire is mostly visual with an human head opening in layers.
We can see the light or enlightenment coming from the inside, hidden behind all those layers of ourselves.

“Reading these words imagine my voice. Listen. I speak to you. I am the center of your consciousness, your Inner God (…) Finally, now that you have begun to feel the presence of a truth within you, you will stop defending yourself and you will hear me. I am your truth. I am your freedom. I am your happiness. I am your Inner God (…) I am that part of you that says: I am what I am and not what others want me to be.“– A. Jodorowsky

“The head of a man with a moustache and beard: above, with some of the skin removed; below, showing part of the brain”.- Line engraving by A. Bell after G. Bidloo, 1798.
”Primum Mobile” from “Philosophia Sacra” - Robert Fludd, 1626.
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