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Chronos Complex
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Chronos Complex


Chronos eating his children is one of the most disturbing myths from the ancients greeks. A prophecy frightened the titan Chronos by letting him know that one of his children would dethrone and destroy him. Wherefore, this ruler ate all his children as they born. His wife Rhea, when she was giving birth to Zeus, switched the child by a huge rock and Chronos swallowed it believing he was devouring the last child. Zeus, became stronger enough to defeat his father and made him to vomit all the children in his stomach. As punishment, Chronos was chained in the depths of the underworld.

This dark and strong image of a parent cannibalising his own children was symbolically adopted by us a lot of times – Probably as a catharsis from our own private experiences and domestic conflicts. 

The manga style of this (emotionless) robot, bring us back to our childhood …. We can watch this grotesque creature to decompose and fall apart while he eats the newborn, that represents his self-destruction, attributing the fault of his own problems to someone else and making himself the role of victim.

Psychologically speaking, the “Chronos Complex” reflects the “father’s unconscious hostility and rivalry in relation to his sons, and in his unconscious wish to castrate, humiliate, and annihilate them.” – The Psychoanalysis of War.
The act of devouring is a symbolic way to inflict the patriarchal authority over the children. This tyrannical behaviour creates many traumas and lack of self-estime.

Speaking of Chronos we are conditioned to think in the male parent but is not always like that. Our main objective is to speak about the pressure of family values over us and how they try to control us. 

“l’m not asking you, l’m ordering…my hands…and my arms…to kill her. (…) She wants me to kill you with my hands.” – Santa Sangre, dir. A. Jodorowsky

Now It’s time to stop the bleeding, reconstruct ourselves, and change the wheel’s direction. 

“Saturn Devouring His Son“ - Peter Paul Rubens, 1636

The rest of this meaning is followed by an outburst.
Today i am transparent:

I’m writing you in your day. I thought this was the most appropriate.
Year after year I feel this annoying responsibility to call or message you  –  ”Happy….” i can’t even finish, this makes me puke. 

You built your throne of sticks and crowned yourself king, your word was the law.
You cruel dictator! You ripped my wings off and built me a prison of violence and humiliation. For you I renounced my dreams and faiths and for you I ceased to grow. I worked instead of playing for you own enjoyment – For you life of pure debauchery.  

As Saturn devoured his sons, afraid to be dethroned, so you devoured me. You denied my creativity and forbid me to be a child. You castrated me time and time again.

You manipulative wolf! You still crave your fangs on my spirit, you do not accept I’m no longer a property of you. The object you used to chain and kick evolved and ascended and it doesn’t look as harmless as it once was. 

I left and our timeless rivalry seems now fairest than ever and I fear you no more. I think you realised that because you cowardly begin to victimise yourself – it makes me laugh, let me confess you.

Now stop numbering the ”things” you gave me because they mean nothing. You gave them to yourself so you can use it against me. Call me selfish, I don’t give a shit.

This drawing reminds me my childhood, I saw a cartoon where a berserk Robot ate an Angel (Neon-Genesis Evangelion) and that was shocking. The scene haunted me for a very long time just like you did.
But you must be asking why do I portray you as a robot? I know how much do you want me to make yourself a god, but I’ll give you no such pleasure. You’ll never be the Saturn or Chronos, instead you’re a cold, heartless machine, a shredder of feelings.

I probably need to be thankful, opposing to you I learned to liberate myself, to strengthen my ambitions and create my paths.

I gasp with all the shit I wanted to throw over you but my time and energy are limited to the things I love.

Happy Father’s Day!

“Saturn Devouring his Children”- Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1819-1823.
”Saturn - Seven planet gods ” - Jan Collaert -1628
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