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What about pharmaceutical crimes against humanity? What about religious placebo and pill dependency?

We savagely wanted to create a visually hard design related to real problems in the World.
The BIG Pharma is one the most corrupt and immoral industries in the entire planet. We all know it but somehow they try to make it look a senseless conspiracy.

Of course, there are a lot of debate in this field but, so far, the other side didn’t convinced us. We are able to change or minds as soon as we find truly reasonable sources.

So, back to the topic.
We wanted to create this strong image of a suffering character as a guinea pig in Big Pharma’s hands. This idea follows the controversy of the abuse of drug testing in underdeveloped countries. The figure of Christ seem to reflect these context very well, but we’ll return to him later.

“A greater source of resentment in the Third World than the dumping of old or unsafe drugs has been the testing of new drugs which are regarded as having risks too high for testing in developed countries. The most celebrated example is the development of contraceptives.”

“(..) drug companies opt to test particularly dangerous drugs in the Third World because poor people are regarded as more dispensable, and in some measure this is undoubtedly true. But there are other more practical reasons for going to the Third World first with drugs for which fears of side effects are great. Peasants do not sue global corporations for injury. Informed consent regulations for drug testing do not exist in the Third World. “

“(…)If Guatemalan Indians fall ill at the first sniff of the drug, then the costs of much expensive testing in the United States can be saved.”

These are the words of the criminologist John Braithwaite in his work “Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry”.

“Christ of the trench”- postcard, undated.
“Police searching for whoever broke hands off Jesus statue at Catholic university- Pittsburgh” - 2017.

After this process of experimentation,  the “safer” drugs come to us, in order to make us addicted and profitable vassals. We think they advertise very well their products making healthy people to believe they are really ill.  – “Pharmaceutical companies are actively involved in sponsoring the definition of diseases and promoting them to both prescribers and consumers. The social construction of illness is being replaced by the corporate construction of disease. (…)Disease mongering can include turning ordinary ailments into medical problems, seeing mild symptoms as serious, treating personal problems as medical, seeing risks as diseases, and framing prevalence estimates to maximise potential markets” – We see a practical example in antidepressants.

The result is that patients find themselves on drugs for life, the companies are more interested in relieving symptoms rather than finding actual cures to diseases – “A patient cured is a customer lost.”

This immoral way to make profit make us sick and inflamed our wish to denounce an expose this reality. There are a lot of references in the entire design of drug tests and how serious it is to us.
That’s funny (in a way) how media helps to “spread the diseases” , creating the public panic, making people to stock out flu masks. So convenient. 

That was the scientific part. 

“Christ of the trench”- Mosteiro da Batalha, Portugal.

Now the religious part:
The same way the Big Pharma makes money with our bodies so the religion make money with our “souls”. 

The Modos Operandi  is pretty much the same.
Thats why we chose Christ as the main character, he’s an icon of our guilt and shame, playing with our feelings and spirituality. 

In fact, the Christianity create this “decease”, this illness of the soul that makes us feel bad about ourselves and to look up for help. Of course they promote to have the panacea,  in order to make us pay for inner peace. 

This dismembered messiah represents us all, victims. Our limbs are taken from both science and religion. Our lives worth less than nothing for these “companies”, they keep us alive to make profit from us.

“Christ of the trench” Neuve-Chapelle, 1918.
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