Cult of Hygeia


worship her for a long life

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Cult of Hygeia
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Cult of Hygeia


“Medicine”- detail. By Gustave Klimt, 1899–1907.
“Hygeia, Goddess of Health” by Peter Paul Rubens, c.1615

The soundness of judgement does not depend entirely on reason, but also on the balance of the physique. This reciprocity between body and psyche is a cyclic movement, completely arbitrary but impossible to separate. “Mens Sana in corpore sano”.
The doctrine of self-preservation guides us to the worship of Hygeia, white mother of good health. Her words are wisdom and revelation for those who seek for spiritual stability and corporeal euphoria. However, she is not the cure for the disease, but the light that keeps us in the right path.

In Hygeia’s iconography we generally see a virgin dressed in a long robe, holding a snake, which is drinking from a bowl. This Bowl is full of water, a symbol of healing and physical wellness in many cultures. The snakes were originally related to Medicine and it is known the use of snake’s poison as a remedy in ancient Greece. To see these animals as a symbol of cure could also be associated with their skin-shedding and with rebirth and renewal.

Our depiction of Hygeia was deeply inspired by Gustave Klimt’s artwork and by the tales of One Thousand and One Nights. We wanted to have her in that fancy dress and ornaments in order to approach her to the exotic figure of Sherazade. 

“Hygea” Roman copy from the original greek, III century b.C.
“Arab Woman Admiring in the Mirror” by Rudolf Ernst, c. 1886
“Theodora” by Jean-Joseph Benjamin Constant, 1892
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