Misery Collector


It was easy to imagine the Lady Death as an horseman of the Apocalypse – white horse, black cloak, scythe. That would be too easy and we try to avoid that, we work with the unexpected – You know that.

In this case,  before we think about Death (as an horseman) we thought about the Atomic bombs – Fat Man and Little Boy – the most ridiculous names for something so sickening, shocking, disturbing. We wanted to speak about it as we unveil the tragedy to ourselves. 

The background is full of Japanese references to the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and also American diagrams of the bombs.
The figure itself shows us an exotic and rotting figure taking a baby away. She is not the responsible for the death of those people in Japan, she just collects the remains as the scavengers do. 

The gallows at her back are not made to hang but to transport and exhibit the corpses. To make us see what we’ve done, to make us realise the impact of our actions and choices.
She’s unstoppable, riding a huge beast like an elephant, she tramples over any obstacle on her way.  

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