Treachery in Dallas

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Date : 2017

“Who killed the Kennedys? When after all it was you and me…” Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil.

The death of the president John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963 conserves one of most intriguing mysteries of the 20th century.
The impact of this disturbing event upon America and the rest of the planet was so great that still obsesses the entire worldwide culture. It generated so many questions that everyone had a hyperbolic theory.
Many are the speculations about the killing, who did it exactly and why. The oficial explanations sounds like a bunch of lies one after another and no one knows what to believe. 

In politics, dangerous games are common and money is king. As huge fans of X-files, we wanted to take this conspiracy theory and turn it into a supernatural episode.

So, this is the mystical death of JFK and his eternal life in World’s memory.
It is known that one the major ambitions of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs was to live forever. For that, they built giant statues of themselves and wrote their names countless times to avoid oblivion.
JFK with his tragic incident achieved the immortality among the untouchable, having his name carved deep on planet Earth’s pantheon.
He became the true martyr, dying on the newspapers, on the TV. A good man dying for us all like a real Jesus Christ on a mechanical cross.

“If you die when there’s no one watching, then your ratings drop and you’re forgotten. but if they kill you on their TV you’re a martyr and a lamb of god” – Marilyn Manson, The Lamb of God.

The sacred speech is covered with stars coming from his dead mouth and at the same time a bullet is coming from the backside of his skull – contrary to the remarkable path of the magic bullet on the Warren Commission archives.
There is no evidence to support the theory a shot from the front side but we wanted to represent him symbollicaly facing his killer, facing the truth.
The actual murder footage accessible to us shows a coward killing from his back, giving more power to the scene. Aesthetically we preferred the other version.

The squares holding his head give some kind of structure to the design, connecting to a meticulous plan against him, developing behind his back. That structure, however doesn’t look as solid as it should be and that’s why we still have so many questions in the air.
On the other hand, those architectural lines may resemble scaffolds, as if a big sculpture/moment has been build, with many religious and mystic symbols around.
There is also a reference to the old Kern Gate, a mystical place built in 1916 by Peter Kern, filled with many ceremonial symbols, resembling the freemason iconography. This iron gate was also richly decorate by swastikas that had a non-political meaning in time, representing, in this case, a significant religious symbol of the remote ancestors.

“drawing of the damage to Kennedy’s head”- from: Lincoln and Kennedy: Medical and Ballistic Comparisons of Their Assassinations - John K. Lattimer, 1980.
“Drawing of a cross-section of President Kennedy's neck and chest(…)” -from: HSCA Appendix to Hearings - Volume VII, Sec.V. Part III- Report of the Forensic Pathology Panel, Part III. Observations and Conclusions Derived from the Examination of the Available Evidence (…), pag. 100.
Still Frames of the assassination , from the “Zapruder film” (sequence shot by citizen Abraham Zapruder), 1963
“Magic Bullet Diagram”, from Warren Commission investigation - later reproduced in Robert J Groden’s  “High Treason”, 1993.
“The Autopsy Descriptive sheet of President J.F. Kennedy” -J. Thornton Boswell, Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, 1963.
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