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Mictlāntēcutli was known as the Aztec Lord of Mictlan (Land of Dead) and was worshiped across all Mesoamerica.

We found some similarities with the god Yum Cimil from Mayan civilization and we decide to make a bond between them two, since they look alike.
They are both considerer cruel and merciless, taking them to a level close to the Devil from christian belief. Actually, we found out that Yum Cimil ruled the 9 levels of the underground (know as Mitnal for mayans), just like in Divine Comedy, where Lucifer ruled 9 circles. 

They have so much common elements between them, but we tried to focus a little more in Mictlāntēcutli, that’s why we gave his name to this design. Our most important reference was a golden mask depicting him, the same mask you can see in the visual references. 

We seek to follow a very similar composition, respecting the symmetry – which was amazingly good. 

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