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Fu Hsi
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Folk tales around the world are very addictive, you read a couple of them and your brains will ask for many more. There’s so much to know and so few time to read!

Looking for some Chinese tales, we found an stunning picture with two serpents intertwined like a Caduceus, but with human upper bodies. That image grew so big in our heads that we had to do our version of it.

Fu Hsi (or Fu Xi) was an ancient god of Chinese mythology, and some people believe he was the founder of China (or creator of Humanity). He invented the art of hunting, fishing and cooking. And taught Chinese people how to domesticate animals, taught math and the eight trigrams of Yi Jing (I Ching).

For Fu Hsi Ascends we used the most common representations as a model. We can see Fu Xi and Nü Wa (his wife/sister – mother goddess) intertwined with dragon/snake bodies and holding the tools of creation: the compass and the square/ruler.
“We see the king and queen embracing at their wedding, the king holding the square on high, the queen a compass. (…) the instruments are taking the measurements of the universe, at the founding of a new world…

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