Extension of Self


290 gr – 80% Combed Cotton,  20% Polyester
Zip Hoodie with Oversize print in the back!

Extension of Self
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Our first time in London was beyond amazing!  
We found so many esoteric libraries, and all so close to each other… yea and we spent much more money than we could.

But the point is, we found very cool stuff, including the main influence for this work, a book called “Projection of the Astral Body” by Muldoon and Carrinngton. It talks about some out-of-body experiences and scientific investigation, amongst instructions and techniques of projection the astral body (as well as what to do and do not while in the astral world). 

It reminds us some of Dr. Strange comics from the 70’s (Tiago’s favorites).

As visual reference, we agreed to choose Alex Grey. We both love his artwork, it follows a spiritual and visionary art and also psychedelic vibe – just lovely! …

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