Cosmos Consciousness


  • Description

    Seeking perfection through the search for self identity we find a “Cosmos Consciousness” and from the roads of our personal journey we watch two worlds colliding, like a car crash, but somehow the Chaos is turning Cosmos. This process is a symbiotic endeavour between Credo Quia Absurdum and Sci-Fi Lx. And every twist and turn comes together in a beautiful waltz where reality and illusion dance together to the symphony of time and the choreography is set by space itself.

    Alongside the characteristic traits of our universes added another layer of dimension to this provocative portrait of self awareness. The two heads symbolises the union and expansion.
    The vital bridge is set by the influence of a circle which contains a voyager in time and space, his body, still, separated, found the new purified mind and together, as one, they could bloom once more.


    190gr – 100% cotton

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