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Baron Samedi

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Baron Samedi
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All the stories about Haitian voodoo makes us shiver. It’s so bizarre and at the same time familiar… We saw already very weird stuff, but in this case the more we learn, the more we get scared. Probably because of its power and obscurity behind the rituals of black magic. 

Our first experience related to voodoo is linked to the dolls (African voodoo), not the common voodoo dolls we see the pop culture, we mean the wood figures with iron nails spiked around the body- creepy. 

The moment we started to study the theory of Haitian zombies (not like the zombies on the TV) we discovered a huge number of stories and grotesque characters we never expect to find. The one who called our attention a little more were Baron Samedi (also called Baron La Croix or Baron Cimetière – some people say that they are 3 different entities). We believe we liked him mostly because of the way he looks …

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