The Vicious Court

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Date : 2018

“A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.”

Proverbs 14:30

We live in a world full of envy. It is its nature to blind us to all the good things we already have.

Invidia (which “envy” is derived), is related to videre, “see”. We always have eyes looking at us, judging us, with jealous.
The Romans called envy “the evil eye”, they believed that if another person look at you with penetrating malice it could harm you. In many cultures, receiving this ill-seeing may cause misfortune or even serious injuries.

Christianity teaches us that envy is one of the seven sins. The bones of the cross means the decadence of the religion and the snake is shown as true nature of this institution(s) of Christ. The snake is traditionally a symbol of the sin, the temptation and evil intentions. The plan of the temple/ court shows us the site where the ancient crimes against of the humanity takes place – a foundation of false spirituality and injustice. The first act of violence in the Bible stems from envy. Cain murders his brother, Abel.

The plants in the lower part are a representation of leaves of sumac, very poisonous.
As soon as we take all of this poison from our life, as soon as we assume that we are better without all of this. We can live better and happier.
So let’s face the world, get rid of this ill-seeing, ignore all of that jealous people and finally enjoy the life.

God bless the court. Because “Envy is emptiness in action”.

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