Scum of the Earth

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Date : 2020

“the Fall of Man”, follower of Pieter Coecke van Aelst, c. 1520
”Moses and the Brazen Serpent”, Benjamin West, 1787.
“You know what I wish? I wish all the scum of the Earth had one throat and I had my hands about it.” – Alan Moore, Rorschach’s Journal (Watchmen).

This whole idea emerges from something that we need to get off our chests. A personal rebellion against the political brain washing and religious dogma. 

The news tell us everyday about the unpunished crimes against humanity, massacres by political selfishness. Powerful scum seeking to exploit the afflictive situation of the people for their own profit. The same powerful ones who seduce the crowds and make them their personal army. The same powerful ones who use religion and spirituality as a weapon to cheat and rob the defenceless souls. These powerful ones are scum of the earth.

The design itself shows us many different elements around the wooden cross. This is no ordinary cross, it looks like a symbol of salvation, rigid and symmetrical as a throne;  but if you look closely you’ll see the gallows or the torture instruments. Cruelty, pestilence and death are now more visible to you. 

A deceitful snake seems to use the wood bars as its own shelter, the protection she needs from the sharp voices. We can see her victim’s remains used as home decoration.

The woman in the lower side looks hypnotised, stirred up against her own siblings. She moves as a pawn in his master’s game and she did not realise it. The dirty jobs are done and the master’s hands are clean. We see her as Eve, the first woman, seduced by the snake, she drove Adam into their personal abyss. 

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” George Orwell, 1984.

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“The Fall of Man”, Albrecht Dürer, c. 1509/1510.
detail from Giovanni Michele Savonarola’s “Practica maior , medici Patauini, (…)” frontispiece, 1561.
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