Primordial Man

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Date : 2020

In the weird times we live in this precise moment, we saw all sorts of people’s transformations. They show theirs true colours, some of them are darker than we expected, others are a wonderful surprise.

With this design we tried to explore these humane metamorphosis, starting with its most benevolent feature.
The Primordial Man, also called Adam Kadmon symbolises the complete and original model for all humans – a man of light. 

He reflects the foundation for a generation of humans, echoing a god-like pureness. In other words, Adam Kadmon describes the first spiritual man, a divine light shaped in anthropomorphic lines.

“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.” – Dracula, Bram Stoker. 

According to the Cabalistic tradition, the symbol of Adam Kadmon expresses the idea that the cosmos itself has a body and a soul very much like us. The Primordial one embodies the ten Sefirot and its divine manifestations as an heavenly being – a microcosmic creature, the perfect projection of a macrocosmic universe. 

“The form of man is the image of everything that is above and below; therefore did the Holy Ancient select it for His own form.” The Zohar

As the new shape of man explores the world, his light turns into matter. This matter as any other substance, can also be infected. 

We gradually watch the calmness of a glowingharmless fire transforming into cold, hideous metal – Creating, that way, his own physical prison, hiding its essence like an armor hides a body.

This new stage of men reveal a corrupted soul. Pride guides this new creature in search for power and conquest, destroying all around him like and angry giant. 

The central character is shown as a metallic man, just like the prophet Daniel interpreted in the dream for Nebuchadnezzar.
His head is made of Gold and it is related to the most powerful nation in the World (PWRINDX: 0,0615).

“Maschinenmensch” still from Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, 1927.

His chest and arms are Silver. The belly and thighs are Bronze; his legs are Iron and his feet are Clay.
Just like in the golden head, the different parts of the body are associated to other powerful countries in the world. 

This warlike connection represents the darkest nature of us and portrays nothing but our internal conflicts. 

“Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it.” – Frank Herbert, Dune.

Visually speaking, this design has its biggest inspiration in Fritz Lang’s film “Metropolis”. The Maschinenmensch called Maria served as the base of our character. We tried to fuse her with some depictions of the Rhode Colossus – a colossal statue of the sun god Helios that stood in the ancient Greek city of Rhodes and was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The handless figure lost his connecting with the creative world. The hands are the primary symbol of creativity , the mechanism that translates the impulses from conscious mind and fervent soul. 

The hanging keys represent the capacity to unlock our inner power. The door-lock, however, is hidden and only a deep search from the inside could expose it. 

The ladder suggest a climbing. In this case it demands the opposite for a spiritual ascension to get rid of power illusions and materialistic thirst. 

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”Rhode Colossus”- Coloured engraving, XVIII century.
“Helios” - Johannes Benk, 1889
”Metallic statue - Visions of Daniel” from Eliphas Levi ”La Clef des Grands Mystères“, 1861.
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