Perfect Day at Disneyland

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Date : 2016

“Cartoon character Mickey Mouse on top of a pile of letters that he has received from fans” - Photo by Henry Guttmann / Getty Images, 1930.

What else to say, a perfect day.

This design is also a parody of our “Coronation of Christ” (available in totebag) replacing the figure of Christ and using a Mickey Mouse with a big black glass eye that hides its true intentions.
His hat has the 322 on it, the number of the secret society “Skull and Bones”.
From his mouth the words “Scrutamini Scripturas” are coming out – Search the Scriptures, in a haughty tone of intellectual superiority, denouncing the fraud behind the contemporary art industry and the lazy incompetent artists who fill the world with his masturbatory arguments.

Who’s afraid of Mickey Mouse?

“Tú que no Puedes”- No. 42 of the “Caprichos” series. - Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1799.
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