Ode To Frankenstein

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Date : 2017

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of our favourite books of all time. Trough the eyes of the Monster we see the true nature of the humankind, more monstrous than the monster himself.
For this version of the creature, built with parts of dead bodies we chose a more gore version with several heads and organs exposed.

This is also a metaphor for some feelings of ourselves. Forced to decide, we are like the heads looking in different directions.
The bowels are like non-rational paths we take and the tentacles are the outside world.

For that we sing an Ode to the Frankenstein, the modern prometheus, a creature like all of us, different in aspect but more sensitive than most of humans.

“Frankenstein at work in his laboratory” -Illustrator not specified, 1922
“Female Anatomy” from: Catoptrum Microcosmicum Flap Anatomy- Johan Remmelin, 1660
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