Lust for Murder

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Date : 2021

At the first sight a lonely soldier seems to enjoy a resting moment. It looks like a quiet instant of short calmness and reflection or maybe the end or absence of the war – Unfortunately this is not a design shaped by hope and peace.

“All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.” – John Steinbeck

Lust for Murder is our personification of war itself and reflects a feeling of shame or negligence. We admit the pessimistic tone of the design, showing a world on the verge of war. 

The main character, a naked soldier, exhibit his scars, proud of them. He is sitting on fine cloth, not resting but waiting for the time to stand up and walk on the planet. We assume he couldn’t sleep, we are waking him up all the time with promises of conflict and bloodshed. These words of brutality arouse him sexually as we notice by his erection.

Lust for Murder was created to resemble sacred depictions, to embody an archangel with wings of black rifles. It is also very common to see artistic representations of Ares or even Thanatos in this “relaxing pose”, watching us and holding the human skull as symbol of our mortality or simply vanity. 

His legs are contaminated by human corruptive ideals and his feet, despite the heavy chains can be easily removed by the free hands – We can see the legs as the foundation of the untruth or his vain ambitions -supported and surrounded by tons of golden coins – “When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die.” – Jean-Paul Sartre.

If we look to the top of the design we see a zero projecting the character. In this case it follows the constant and cyclic motion of events on Earth. Personally, this conflict is no more than our personal and deep fight, most of the times against ourselves. As we feel insecure and fear the unknown. Dramatic changes in our lives could be exciting we are able to unchain the past from our present. Our hands are free to remove those chains but sometimes we need to get up and walk to realise we’re prisoners. 

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