Hymn to the Lost

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Date : 2020

At the first sight you can say this design resembles the images of the evangelists or some kind of orthodox saint.
But you know us…. that makes no sense at all!

So, who is that character, then? Well, our idea was to speak about necromancy and all the obscure patterns associated.
We wanted to portray an old and wise necromancer within a modern an aristocratic context – it wouldn’t be surprising to see him as Tzar’s right hand.
For his luxurious clothing, we adapted an orthodox cloak, decorated in gold, holding demonic creatures and fine ornamenting.

The Necromancy, unlike most of our beliefs, aims to brings the dead essentially as advisors. That was its original propose, to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge.

His three hands, like three universal centers, are balancing and converting the energies from the Soul, Spirit and Body.
The one above is facing toward the etheric energies to flow and converge. The one bellow summons and agitates the matter. The third hand, allows the life to penetrate the matter, bringing the conjured spirit to this macabre dance, while words are spelled.

Now the ritual is almost finished, we watch unstable snakes inside of that powerful skull-chalice.These snakes or even the chalice itself, represent the dark motion of rebirth.
We can hear the grotesque chants, we can image animals join in and dancing this eccentric, chaotic and mysterious reincarnation, excited to welcome the revenant corpse.

Soon the dead will be awake, soon the loyal servant will bring secrets from of the underworld.

From the psychological perspective, this necromancer calls back our abysmal fears. He digs down the buried skeletons so we can confront them for good. That arduous process allow us to unchained ourselves and let go of the past.


“God Rests the souls of the dead;
Now and Forever, Forever and Ever”.

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”portrait of Silouan the Athonite” 1930
”portrait of Silouan the Athonite” 1930
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