Eternal Hunger

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Date : 2020

Our childhood scariest nightmares were incited mostly by vampiric stories and how obscure and bloody they were imagined by our minds.
Around the world and under different names, we find many stories of vampires – lifeless corpses rising from the graves to feed on human’s blood. 

This design shows us a cadaveric creature surrounded by mystic circles, suggesting the involuntary motion of the character. His cold body is excited by an insatiable hunger that drives him to hunt for blood. The blood itself contains the qualities of fire and heat and energy to revive the revenant one – “Blood is the life”.
For some cultures consider the blood to be the medium of the soul and for that reason so magnetically pungent, the philosophers called blood is the mineral spirit in metals.

“Blood is the first incarnation of the universal fluid; it is the materialized ‘vital light’. Its birth is the most marvellous of all nature’s marvels; it lives only by perpetually transforming itself, for it is the universal Proteus. The blood issues from principles where there was none of it before, and it becomes flesh, bones, hair, nails… tears, and perspiration. It can be allied neither to corruption nor death; when life is gone, it begins decomposing; if you know how to reänimate it, to infuse into it life by a new magnetization of its globules, life will return again. The universal substance, with its double motion, is the great arcanum of being; blood is the great arcanum of life.” – Éliphas Lévi

Our blood-drinker, as we said before, is a lifeless body and his hunger is more than just physical – He desperately seeks for a soul, to fill his own void. The blood of the living seems to (temporarily) calm his appetite down. Although it is simply a self-destructive phenomenon.

But there is a symbolic way in all of this If we close the books and look through the window.
The vampire symbolise the hunger for living, this creature take the energy and blame others for their own failures.
When they feel drained, they attack again. This is a person who curse themselves and seeks to prolong existence by taking from others their vital energies for own gratification and its own ends.

“They are out there in the dark, always watching, always hungry” – Jonathan Maberry

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The cover page from a reprint of the British penny dreadful series Varney the Vampire (1845)
"The Crucifixion; The Last Judgment" (detail) Jan van Eyck, 1441
"Dante and Virgil in Hell"- William Bouguereau, 1850.
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