The Hand of Doom

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Date : 2017

It is so interesting to observe the esoteric posters of hand reading or magical shows. There are like a common aesthetic that links all of them, somehow like an aura.
This design is inspired in these posters.

The hand of Doom tries to create a bond between chiromancy and spiritual sessions and at the same time envolves them in our very loved alchemy “bubble”.

At the sides of the design there are opposites, Sun-Moon; Material-Spiritual, Rational-Emotional.
These opposites allow the formation of a complex, yet perfect, circle and an ascendent/descendent triangle.
And that is how we all are, right?

“The Hand of the Philosophers” - Alchemical and Rosicrucian compendium - Johann Isaac Hollandus, 1760.
“Game of Palmistry” -50 Cent Card Games nº 414 - McLoughlin Brothers' catalogue 1897.
“Comfort's Palmistry Guide” cover from 1894 - by Cheiro the Palmist. (William John Warner).
“De Cavernosi Metallorum Occultus est, qui Lapis es Venerabilis. HERMES”- Frontispiece from : The Hermetical Triumph: or, The Victorious Philosophical Stone. - Anonymous, 1740.
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