The Call of Cthulhu

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Date : 2017

“Ario-maru” attributed to Utagawa Kuniyoshi, 1833-1835.

The Call of the Cthulhu is Lovecraft’s most influential horror story of all time and a tremendous inspiration in our work.
It depicts the figure of a forgotten god, almost indescribable, possessor of an ancient cult that aims to bring it back to life, triggering the end of humanity.
According to one of Lovecraft’s sketchs of the creature, Cthulhu appears sporting a head with octopus tentacles, multiple eyes, dragon wings and monstrous, misshapen body.

“Le Poulpe Commun” from: Histoire naturelle, générale et particuliere, des mollusques, animaux sans vertèbres et a sang blanc. T.2 - Pierre Denys de Montfort (with Felix de Roissy), 1802 (illustration probably by Étienne Claude Voysard)
“The Octopus and its prey” - John Gibson, Monsters of the Sea, 1887.

In the version that we developed, the creature comes accompanied by death and decorated with an aureole of Sol Niger – the destroyer sun within an inverted pentagram with the tree of life at the top.
Thus, we divide the image into levels, with Cthulhu in the underworld, just awakened from his millennial sleep, heeding the call of destruction.

There are also frequent references to the Necronomicon, the secret Book of the dead names, making the design even darker, exactly how we like it!

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