Satan’s Burger


Satan’s Burger is full-flavored junk food for your soul. Tasty and greasy.

Using the 80’s-90’s food ads as reference, we made the best satanic burger on Earth. Words like “Delicious” or ”Sexual Performance” invite us for the spiritual cholesterol with no regrets.
The whole design represents our decadence under a colourful poster with big bold letters. The Devil, as in the tarot is a symbol of our materialistic desires and appetites.

”Lucifer” (detail) from Dante's Divine Comedy - Gustave Doré, 1850’s

Our original idea was to recreate the figure of Satan from the Divine Comedy, where we see him prisoner in deeper Hell’s ice. He has three faces and eats three sinners. We transform the sinner into burgers and changed completely the sober visuals, giving it a “Pop” feeling. – We’re absurd, you cannot expect us to be serious all the  time.

At every mouth he with his teeth was crunching
⁠A sinner, in the manner of a brake,
So that he three of them tormented thus.
To him in front the biting was as naught
Unto the clawing, for sometimes the spine
Utterly stripped of all the skin remained. ⁠

By the way, this recipe is secret and contains deadly ingredients – Do not try to reproduce it at home.

“Lucifer -Dante's Divine Comedy Canto 34 ” - Petrus de Plasiis, 1491.
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