Rising of the Black Sun

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Date : 2017

“Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki” - Charles Levi, 1945.
“Photo Diagram showing the extent of the damage at Hiroshima after the atomic strike”, 1945.
“A Black Sun Descends Behind the Horizon of a Marshy Landscape” - in: Splendor Solis. - attributed to Salomon Trismosin, 1532–1535.

Sol Niger or Black Sun, symbol of death, the destructive facet of the bright sun, which is usually a symbol fertility of harmony.
This evil Sun is the representation of a vengeful god, bringing the Apocalypse. The angel plays the trumpet, announcing the opening of the first seal, which unlocks the door for the first Horseman – War – represented by weapons/War machines emanating from the triangle (the Fire – element of Mars, god of War ).
At the center of this triangle we see a core that is the Chaos, but also marks the spot where a bomb was dropped.

Below, the two different phases of the moon represent the divided humanity.
At the bottom, the eye in the triangle – a reference to the Trinity / religion or to conspiracy theories – denounces the responsible for the destruction brought by Sol Niger.

Don’t let the moon eclipse your sun

“Col. Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, hand-to-hand combat expert”- 1943.
“Nikola Tesla next to his Magnifying Transmitter”, - photography by Dickenson V. Alley for Century Magazine, 1899.
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