From a dead, rotting body we see some flowers bloom. Spring is a time to get rid of your dying body and renew your energies, a nice metaphor for certain situations in your life. WE believe you’ll be able to grow up stronger physical and spiritual the moment you erase your rotted memories. Just give up on you larvae body and become a butterfly or a moth if you prefer.

Primavera is the word for Spring and is our favourite season, it brings us Hope- that hope accompanied us from the beginning and we are right now entering our blooming times.

This design is related to “Dying God and Rebirth”, also available in t-shirt.

“Allegory of Spring” detail of Flora - Sandro Botticelli, late 1470s or early 1480s.
“Phoebus-Apollo pursues Daphne, who is being changed into a laurel; Cupid stands on a hill, holding two arrows..” from Metamorphoses - Ovid, c. after 1531 (original from 8 d.C.).
“Allegory of Spring”- Abraham Janssens II, 1616.
El Santisimo Christo de la Ensina que se aparecio en el Campo de Alcantara” - 1750-1760 (The 'Cristo de la Encina' -or Christ of the Oak-is a cult in Mexico founded on the apparition of Christ in an oak to a native American who was about to cut it down with an axe.)
“Four Seasons in One Head” - Giuseppe Arcimboldo, c.1590
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