For Poison Tongues we decide to show you an anatomical reference of a kiss. This kiss resembles an narcissistic attraction since both heads look like the same person or a reflected image, the same way Narcissus felt in love with himself when he saw his own reflexion in the water.

From another perspective, these figures can easily be two different people, because we all look the same from the inside. From that point of view we might think of someone spreading poison from his/her tongue. There are several ways to understand that but for now I’d like to keep it on the track of manipulation, something related to the feelings, love, attraction or sex manipulation (take a look at Love and Alienation t-shirt, they are kind of related).

“Lovers”- Tiago Pimentel, 2010.

The skulls and bones at the bottom represent the substructure of this “Love” and reveal the true intentions. However we have no idea who (from them two) built this darken foundations and who are the one with evil, selfish purposes. 

Above their heads we can read – Let us look at the scriptures (let me see what you really want from me) and – Neither you or I have.
Everybody around probably had already a destructive relationship and know someone with “poison tongues”, so We’d like to dedicate this design to that (distant/recent) memories that made you suffer for sure and also made you stronger. If you are the one with the poisonous mouth, well…hum…buy this and show the world how proud you are.

“The Kiss of the Siren” by Gustav Wertheimer, 1882.
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