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Date : 2017

“Anatomical proportions calculated using the golden ratio” - Neue Lehre von den Proportionen des menschlichen Körpers Weigel - Adolf Zeising, 1854.
“Sapta Chakra”- from a Yoga manuscipt in Braj Bhasa lanaguage, Anonymous, 1899.

“In Scripture we are told that God made man in his own image. (…) The Jewish patriarchs taught that the human body was the microcosm, or little cosmos, made in the image of the macrocosm, or the great cosmos. (…)The great Hermetic axiom was, That which is above is like unto that which is below, and that which is below is like unto that which is above. “

The Occult Anatomy of Man by Manly P. Hall

The human body is represented in skeletal form, the structure of the physical existence of Man. Their feet are flesh and bone representing his spiritual base in the universe and the link with Earth/Nature.
His expression represents the doubt and also the suffering and is related to the figure of Jesus Christ- the microcosmos- God (macrocosmos) made flesh.
The halo behind his head is like a morning star, a Sun that guide us as a compass.
The symbols around the figure represent the aspects of life, the joys, the sorrows, the kindness, the evil.
At the right side we observe the Chakras, centres of energy, located on the midline of the body, ruling our psychological properties.

Your body is a divine host

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“Buddha in Meditating Pose”- from: The Tibetan Book of Proportions, 18th century.
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