Love and Alienation


We hear so many stories about spells of love, there are kind of a Disney-poetry related to them, but for us, it is disturbing to imagine how someone could play and distort you deepest feelings.
This design was inspired in Wicca and pagan imagery, like we see in the triangle made of branches/sticks that appears behind the figure.

The main character has no hands or arms, they are crossed/ tied under his belly, holding inverted pyramids of  Venus and Mercury. The head is not looking straight to show that he is under a magical influence, forcing him to ignore the reality.

Oh well, and there are so many people alienated by “Love”…

“Skeleton Praying, tab XXXVI” -from: Osteographia- William Cheselden, 1733 / “Skeleton Bound, tab. X” from: The Anatomy of the Human Body - William Cheselden, 1740.
“Ramses the Great- Sarcophagus ”, (1279-1213 B.C.)
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