Coronation of Christ


“Ecce Homo” - Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1610.
“The Last Judgment“- Jean Bellegambe the Elder, 16th century.

We found at the coronation of Christ one of the most outstanding moments of all passion, assigning a grotesque tone of mockery to the whole scene. We decided to position the image of Christ over all of humanity, represented here by the lower skull and emphasized by the three-dimensional pyramid. Christ himself is presented with the crown of thorns with eyes looking to the sky, seeing “Basileae” which means realm or domain, the New Jerusalem promised by the Father. From the higher head we also see the expression “Scrutamini scripturas”- Let us see the Scripture (Bible) – which appears as a kind of knowledge as the dogma and ritual.

In a pagan point of view, Christ seems to devour humanity.

Do not hide your crown

Skull Crowned with Snakes and Flowers for the Duchess of Malfi and the White Devil” detail - John Webster (author) and Henry Weston Keen (artist), c. 1930.
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