of Kafka


We are obsessed with the book of Kafka, the Metamorphosis. It´s so amazing how Greg Samsa woke up one day and saw himself as a filthy insect and the way the whole family looked and treated him after that insane transformation. The metaphor behind that its amazingly inspiring.

After his dead we decide to take the body back and elevate him, like how happens in classic mythology with the heroes – the Apotheosis (available in totebag). This is the next step of the ascension – the Consecration- We can see him now as an almighty god, suggested by the position of the arms, embracing the mankind; and his great halo/crown. From his head we see the rays directed to the sigil of god (ameth) with a symbol of fertility inside, that is also a symbol of balance in the Earth, so we can say there is no concept of good or evil inside him, besides his grotesque aspect. The triple head can show his omnipotence and it is linked to many medieval representations of god as father, son and holy spirit, all together in same person.

“Monstrous Birth” detail - form: The Book of Miracles, 1552.

The balance we talked about is also present in his throne, made with double triangles, one coming from the Earth (the serpents) and the other from the Universe , the two converging in the place of his belly button, the center of Cosmos.

Like the christian God, he is also the Alpha and the Omega.

Wake up like this

“Kali” - Lithograph Print- Raja Ravi Varma, late 19th century.
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