Ares, Crippled


Ares, the god of War is shown in here crippled, with rifles as splints to help his motion. We had the idea of making him like old soldier with scars of war, an outcome of a brutal war.

Despite his frailties we still see him imperial with his arrogant posture. At his side there are two horses, a reference from the royal carriages and the Chariot of tarot.
The hands of him- one is holding a knife as a weapon of treacherous assassination and in the other one we see a seed of chaos- these hands could be seen as a metaphor for the War- and also with death at his belly. The skulls of horses are the innocents killed.

Around the head is represented a geometric halo with planets, the main one is Mars, the planet ruled by Ares.

“The essential principle of the external fixator for tibial factor as applied by Hippocartes (…)” in: Source Book of Orthopaedics- E.M. Brick, 1968.
“Ares”, sculpture with unknown origin, was probably created in Attica, between 430 and 420 BC.
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