Anima Natura

As Anima Natura, we understand the immortal energy attached to the Earth which is responsible for the balance on the entire planet.
This spirit of the Earth is personified by the snake, the symbolic animal associated with fertility and cycles. It is also an emblem of immortality and reincarnation because annually sheds its skin.
In this case, however, the reptile’s body is shown segmented.

The perfection of the Mother Nature’s methodology is apparently disturbed, its patterns seem to work in new configurations. It is explicit, by instance, when we notice the climate change.
We passively watch a gradual aggravation of this spirit’s state, just like a spreading cancer. There is an alien body, corrupting its essence – us, some kind of selfish suicidal parasite with power delusions. 

The Serpent is divided in three parts, the number of wisdom, because man and nature organise the present, foresee the future and benefit from the experience of the past. That’s how Anima Natura adapts to new circumstances.
Nature sacrifices itself in order to find a remedy. This step can be is linked to to the alchemical process called “Separation” where an introspective analysis that allows to separate hidden impurities from the original substance. 

The flowers out of the limbless creature represent the Nature’s efforts to reconnect the parts of the cycle, readjusting to the new external conditions. 
At the snake’s head there is a crown, not physical, but spiritual, like a shining star. 
The Earth is the queen, the feminine principle, fertilised by the Sun king of the skies. 
As our mother, we own her more than we think.

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